Entertainment Tonight

The foremost authority on entertainment news from its inception nearly 20 years ago and now regarded as part of American culture and an international success, Paramount Domestic Television's Emmy Award-winning ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT begins its 19th season on Monday, September 13, 1999. Nearing its 5,000th show, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT airs on more than 170 stations covering 95% of the country. In addition, its international appeal encompasses versions on such outlets as Germany's TM3, France's TF1 network, as well as China's Shanghai TV channel 8 and CCTV-6.

For the 1999-2000 season, the show — while continuing to re-invent itself — still has the much-emulated style that first brought the program notoriety. During ET's early years, Walter Cronkite told The Washington Post, "One of the best news shows on the air today is ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT. You're more likely to get the five W's in an ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT story than you are in some others." That admired approach is still evident in the show's coverage of television, movies, music, fashion, literature, events and interactive media, while it continues to present the day's news in a lively, trend-setting and often groundbreaking format.

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