Maury Povich plunges into controversial and compelling issues, particularly those impacting teens and their parents.  A veteran journalist, Povich is well-known for his ability to get to the heart of the matter.  But it is his experience as a husband, father and grandfather that allows Povich to display his compassionate side, resulting in a natural bond with his guests and viewers.

"Of course we want to entertain," Povich says.  "But I believe the shows that have the most impact result in a mother talking to her daughter for the first time, or a child who is able to smile because we've built their confidence just a bit.  Those are the television moments that are the most memorable."

As the son of legendary Washington Post sports columnist Shirley Povich, who worked at the newspaper for an astonishing 75 years, Maury was instilled with his father's sensibilities as a reporter.  With his father's passing at the age of 92, Povich has become even more keenly aware of Shirley's influence in his life.

"My father was a remarkable man who instilled in us a sense of values that to this day guides our lives," Povich says.  "His standards of honesty and fairness in peeling away the layers of a good story are the essentials of what our show is all about."

Don't miss Maury, weekdays at 3 p.m. on TV-10, Acadiana's Entertainment Leader.

Check out Maury's new and improved website at

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