United We Stand


It took a senseless act of terror

A show of unkindled hate

For all Americans to know the meaning

Of a word that laid sedate

Our sense of Patriotism has come alive

And our banner is flying high

To assure the world we'll get the ones

Who forced our planes to take a dive


The Twin Towers gleamed in the sunlight

On that beautiful September morn

They were symbols of our nation's strength

Now because of some heathens they're gone

When the first plane hit the tower

We knew something was terribly wrong

But we soon realized when the next plane hit

That someone was using our planes as bombs


Who'd fly a plane into a tower

With no regard for the people inside?

Even the pleas from those frightened passengers

Did not deter you from taking their lives

You even slew the little babies

As they peacefully clung to their mother's chest

All of those unsuspecting victims

Who wasn't quite ready to take their rest

You have left our mighty nation shaken

As we tearfully bury our dead

Like courageous heroes who rushed to help

While glass & metal crushed their heads


How can we explain to the little children

That their daddy's not coming home?

Because a group of religious fanatics

Stole our planes and made them bombs


There are mothers and fathers crying

Because you unmercifully killed their child

And wives and husbands are left alone

To cope with their loss while you run and hide

But you have awakened a sleeping giant

Whose determined to avenge this act

And bring down the villains responsible

Even if requires mortal combat


We've always been a nation of peace

Where freedom and liberty thrives

You couldn't change our way of thinking

So you destroyed thousands of innocent lives

Your act of terror has affected the world

We are all grieving for the ones who died

You have started a fight you can not win

Cause the United States won't let this slide


Why didn't you challenge us face to face

Instead of making those sneak attacks?

But I guess you knew the United States

Would push both you and your terror back

When our leader announced we were at war

The whole world stood by his side

And that declaration was all it took

For all races to unify

The brave men & women who went to fight

And avenge this act of hate

Don't care about the color of their comrade's skin

When it comes to defending the United States


Written By: Mary L. Broussard

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