Church Bells Too Loud for Some Delcambre Residents

Some people in Delcambre say the ringing you hear at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church sounds like heaven.  Some people living by the church don't agree. 

In fact, on a website one man says the bells are anything but heavenly.  He posted video of the ringing at 6:00am, claiming that it's too loud, too early.

We obtained a copy of Delcambre's noise ordinance. It restricts loud music from 11:00pm until 7:00am.  The church bells begin ringing at 6:00am; that's one hour into the “no loud music” regulation.  According to the mayor that's okay.  The rule is meant to restrict noise from dawn till dusk and the first church bell rings around dawn.

The bells chime for just a few seconds every hour but twice a day like clockwork at 12:15 and 6:15 the church plays hymns. That music lasts for fifteen to twenty minutes.

TV 10 spoke with several people living near the church. The few who complained about the ringing didn't want to appear on camera criticizing the church in this mostly catholic town. But the majority of the people we spoke to agreed that the ringing is something they want to keep around.

The man who posted video of the bells has been persistent with his complaints.  Actually, a little too persistent.  He was charged with phone harassment because of the nature of his conversations with the priest at Our Lady of the Lake.

If you look closely at the bell tower you may notice the bells are actually synthesized.  That means instead of a traditional swinging bell, the sound actually comes from a programmed loudspeaker.

Jeremy Campbell

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