Major Drug Ring in St. Landry Parish Shut Down

Tens of thousands of dollars worth of drugs headed for the streets of Saint Landry Parish are now in the hands of deputies.  And four people are behind bars.

It's the latest bust in Saint Landry Parish, but deputies say this one is very different.

On Thursday night, ten narcotics agents descended on a Cankton home.

What they found inside was a warehouse of nearly a dozen varieties of illegal narcotics; many of them, brand new, so-called designer drugs.

Here's a list of some items they found.

  • 82 ecstasy pills
  • Marijuana
  • 90 grams of crystal meth
  • A money counter
  • $1,700 in cash

There was even an itemized price list, naming the dollar amount for each denomination sold.

But what was most shocking was the discovery of an unknown drug.

Agents believe its heroin, and if it is, it'll be the first heroin bust in the parish.

Deputies also uncovered LSD, a drug they haven't seen here in more than 11 years.

With this roundup, deputies say they've shut down a major pipeline connecting Zachary Pickels and Jessica Perrone, who they say are drug distributors from Texas, to Tyson Demahy and Jeffery Bonin, who they say are local drug dealers.

The dealers went to great efforts to hide the drugs, but the narcotics agents found the drugs, hidden in hollow canisters.

Agents searched the home for over three hours and believe the local dealers were about to go to a Lafayette nightclub to sell the drugs when the bust was made.

The Narcotics agents say large volumes of drugs from these dealers have probably already made their way into the hands of users all around the parish.

St. Landry Sheriff's officials worked in conjunction with Lafayette Metro Narcotics agents to make the bust.

Deputies say because of the highly-organized nature of the drug ring, they believe Demahy had been selling drugs out of his home for quite a while.

Katherine Whaley

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