Prejean Convicted of Rape of 7 Year Old

Herbert Prejean was accused of killing a 13 year old girl and convicted of raping another young child.

Prejean is one of three suspects police say raped and murdered 13-year-old Alexuia Feast.

Thursday, a Lafayette jury sent 33-year-old Prejean to jail for the rest of his life for brutally raping a seven year old girl nearly three years ago.

TV 10 spoke with the Assistant District Attorney Pat McGhee who tried the case.  McGhee tells us that he is extremely happy with the conviction and that the next step is to prosecute Prejean for his alleged role in the rape and eventual death of 13-year-old Alexuia Feast.

Feast's body was found in a wooded area behind the Himbola apartment complex in Lafayette north in 2004.

Prejean and two other men were arrested on murder charges.

One has since been found not guilty.

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