Jindal Calls for FEMA Trailer Changes

Louisiana Congressman Bobby Jindal says people still recovering from hurricanes Katrina and Rita are being failed again by FEMA.

There have been reports of a dangerous, sometimes deadly, chemical that has been found in FEMA trailers along the gulf coast.

TV 10 spoke with Congressman Jindal about reports of formaldehyde in FEMA trailers and what he hopes to do to remedy the problem.

Bloody noses, headaches, breathing problems are some of the health problems that Congressman Jindal says is the direct result of FEMA's inaction to replace government trailers that have tested positive for formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen.

The story about formaldehyde in trailers first broke last week, when health experts said some trailers with floors and cabinets built with particle board could contain formaldehyde. Under hot, humid conditions, the chemical lets off toxic fumes, especially harmful to young lungs.

Jindal is taking his demands to congress, asking for congressional hearings on the issue. The solution, in his mind, is clear.

Congressman Jindal says he is asking for three things.

The first is for FEMA to do systematic testing of trailers to see just how widespread this problem is.

He also wants FEMA to replace any trailer that tests positive for the cancer causing fumes.

And as for anyone exposed, Jindal says the government should provide healthcare and pick up the tab.

Jeremy Campbell

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