Junk Car Roundup in Opelousas

Dozens of people in Opelousas awoke Monday morning to the sound of their vehicle being towed out of their yard.

It's part of an initiative by the city of Opelousas to crack down on junk cars.

Nearly thirty junk cars were scheduled to be brought to the tow lot.

Opelousas city officials say they're trying to rid the city of abandoned vehicles that sit on so many yards in the area.

The city is targeting cars with expired inspection stickers, no license plates, or are generally inoperable.

The owner of a junk car does get a warning before the vehicle is picked up. 15 days before the tow truck comes around, the city puts a warning sticker on the car.

City workers say most of the owners they confront are cooperative, but in case they're not, these city workers get a police escort.

The city is starting to make more routine junk car round-ups and they say the payoff is cleaner, safer neighborhoods.

In case you were wondering, the owner is responsible for paying for the towing service and storage at the lot.

The owner can reclaim the car, but it's not allowed back in the city until it meets standards.

Katherine Whaley

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