Counterfeit Money in Vermilion Parish

Abbeville Police Chief Rick Coleman says between 10 to 15 counterfeit money cases come across his desk each month.

Chief Coleman says for local businesses he recommends getting a counterfeit money detector pen.  It costs only a couple of dollars and can save you the headache of worrying whether or not your money is fake.

The pen test works by writing an “x” on the bill, if it turns yellow or light colored the bill passes the test and if it turns black or grey you should be worried.

There is one catch; the pen test does not work on genuine bills dated 1959 and earlier.

And of course if your money's been through the wash or you work around chemicals the results of the pen test can be altered.

Abbeville Police Cheif Rick Coleman says he recommends the pen test for local businesses and for citizens.  He says it's best to hold the bill up to the light and look for the faded president's face in the right side of the bill.

You can also look for the micro-perf line that shows the bills denomination.

To report counterfeit money, call your local law enforcement agency.

Grace White

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