Iberia Parish Curfew to Deter Teen Crime

Most Acadiana teens are finding they have a little more free time without school every day.

The Sheriff's Department in Iberia Parish wants to make sure that extra free time doesn't get the teens into trouble.

During weekdays curfew is 10 o'clock and on weekends it's midnight.

To help keep children in before 10 and out of trouble the Sheriff's Department is beefing up its curfew patrols.

They find that when children are out after 10:00pm and after midnight the crime ranges from simple criminal mischief all the way up to burglary.

Patrolmen aren't just looking for kids out past curfew they're also holding parents legally responsible if their children are out too late.

If your child is caught past curfew without adult supervision in Iberia Parish you could be charged with improper supervision of a child even if you drove your child to a place you thought was safe.

Breaking curfew can cost teens up to $500 in fines. It may sound like a lot of money, but the Sheriff Department says the rule is for their own good.

Curfew Patrol hands out cards reminding children and their parents that everyone 17 or younger you must be with a guardian by midnight on the weekends and after 10 during the week.

The hours are a little different if a teen is already on probation.  In those cases the curfew is 5:00pm.

The curfew isn't a new rule in Iberia Parish; it's actually enforced all year round.

But during the summer without the structure of a school day, the Sheriff's Department increases their patrols to at least once a week.

Jeremy Campbell

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