FBI Report Shows Crime In Lafayette on the Rise

The FBI released a crime report for 2006 Monday morning.  In it a noticeable increase in violent crimes compared to this time last year.

Here's a look at Lafayette's crime numbers from 2005 to 2006.  Murder, robbery, burglary and auto theft all increased in 2006 and rape, assault and theft numbers all decreased.

Lafayette police tell us their most concerned about robbery which jumped up 62% and auto thefts which rose 27%.

With crime on the rise, Lafayette police say their using new methods to track incidents in the hub city.

Under the Comstat program commanders can look at where crimes are occurring and how they are occurring allowing them to reallocate resources in order to target those areas.

Police tells us the biggest thing they're up against is unreported crime.

Corporal Paul Mouton says people should know 911 is the official call taker of the Lafayette Police Department and he tells us he encourages people to call on all incidents so they can respond.

They also say it helps track crime.

Lafayette police say much of the responsibility to decrease crime lies with the public.

For example, joining a neighborhood watch program and calling 911 to report crimes.

For more information on Lafayette's crime report you can log onto The FBI's Website.

Grace White

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