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Seven Ways to Brighten Up your Employees' Days

The malls and department stores are decked in pink and red hearts. Television commercials are full of images of love and messages claiming just the right gift to make your sweetheart happy. But all this emphasis on passion and romance leaves many feeling down in the dumps.

Brighten Your Employees' DaysNo wonder February can be a tense month around the office. Some of your employees may talk about romantic plans and outings or receive lavish gifts or massive bouquets. Others may watch and listen uncomfortably, enduring the hype until they can get back to life as usual. To make matters worse, Seasonal Affective Disorder, caused by shorter hours of sunlight and increased time spent indoors, is often at its peak during February. Even a mild case adds to the dismal feelings many experience. If you've noticed the fervently celebrated month of love being shaded over in blue at your workplace, a few tips can help you brighten up the days of each of your employees.

  • Bring breakfast. An easy and inexpensive gesture to get your employees' days started right is to bring in breakfast items like biscuits or cinnamon rolls. Your employees will appreciate the gesture and that you went out of your way early in the morning.

  • Have a morning movie moment. Bring a classic movie or television program to the office, and show it on a large screen to liven the mood before a staff meeting or as a break from the norm.

  • Bring the outdoors in. If your employees are staying cooped up to avoid the cold, throw a small luau party with leis and Hawaiian cuisine during an afternoon or lunch hour. A themed party can help boost moods and break the routine of a normal week.

  • Organize a ‘secret pal' week. Have each employee draw the name of a co-worker to discreetly give small gifts to during the week. Employees can try to guess the identity of their secret co-worker as the mystery builds. This is an easy way to have employees feel noticed and appreciated, and can build camaraderie and rapport among your team members.

  • Take time for fun and games. Extend a lunch hour and bring board games, cards, snacks and drinks for your employees to enjoy. Creating a time for your workers to unwind and get to know each other better can lift spirits and increase goodwill.

  • Let your silly side out. Remember recess? Revive it by announcing a game of “Follow the Leader” or “Red Rover” during a long afternoon. This will get your employees moving and add a smile to their faces as they laugh with co-workers.

Recognize everyone's best. Create an award for each of your employees, recognizing something unique you appreciate about them. What employee tells the funniest knock-knock jokes and which one always wears the most outlandish ties? Recognizing these details in a lighthearted “award ceremony” can be a memorable moment of fun and will let your employees know you appreciate them individually for who they are.

Investing time into brightening your employees' workday is well worth the effort. You may notice brighter spirits in your team members as they reap the rewards of increased morale. And, you might just that notice someone who'd been blue finds a new spring in the step because their boss took the time to show they care.

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