Lafayette Police Say They’ve Solved a Rape Case from 1995

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Lafayette Police have solved a rape case from 11 years ago and put a Cottonport man behind bars.

The apparent rape happened in 1995, but now Lafayette Police say they have the person responsible in custody.

John Finley Clay was arrested for forcible rape and booked into the Lafayette Parish Jail.

Police say he raped a woman in October of 1995.

Detectives were able to link dna evidence collected at the scene to his dna that was stored in a computerized system.

The woman was raped in the 1200 block of Surrey Street.  At the time she was 40 years old.

With the DNA evidence collected at the scene and saved for 11 years, this case is an example of how much technology can help.

Next in this case, detectives will wrap up there investigation.

John Finley Clay was already in custody for an unrelated armed robbery charge, scheduled to be released in 2022.

But if he is convicted of this charge, that sentence will be much longer.

Hubert Tate

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