Scott Burglary Leads to Car and Foot Chase

A burglary suspect is in police custody following a lengthy car and foot chase through Scott.  Our TV 10 cameras were the only ones on scene as officers closed in.

Scott police say the suspect, Ludwieg Gonzales of Lafayette, is accused of breaking into a Scott home, located on Ivory Rd. in Emerald Garden Subdivision, Tuesday night while the family slept.

We're told he 'picked over' the home taking a set of keys to the family vehicle.  The family called police after they woke up and realized their SUV was stolen and their home was burglarized.

A short time later a Lafayette Parish Sheriff's deputy responded to a domestic disturbance call at an apartment complex in the Ile Des Cannes area.  A dispatcher notified patrol units that a car on the scene matched the description of the stolen car.  The car pursuit then started on Herbert road near Dulles.

The suspect lead authorities down Dulles to Westgate.  He then turned onto Ole Colony before crashing into a fire hydrant near Thompson Loop.

After wrecking the car police say Gonzales attempted to flee on foot.  Police say they actually lost the suspect for a short time.  K9 teams and the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office airplane were brought out to help with the search.  That's when they closed in on the suspect as he attempted to jump a fence around a junkyard.

Gonzales was arrested and taken to UMC for treatment following a taser shock and a bite by a K9 dog assisting in the pursuit..

Scott Police say Ludweig Gonzales will be booked into the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center after he's released from University Medical Center.

He faces charges of residential burglary, unauthorized use of a movable, aggravated flight and resisting arrest.

Mike Steele

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