Become Indispensable

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Become Indispensable

Boost Your Career by Investing in Personal Excellence

IndespensibleWhether you're the owner of a small business or an entry-level worker hoping to rise to the top, one thing is the same – you have a job. But for many people, their job is simply that – work and nothing more. Experts say the younger generation is adopting the mindset that having a job is more of a right than an privilege. Many leaders and business owners push themselves early in their careers and burn out when they get to the top. Overall, the once prevalent strong work ethic is being replaced by a bare-minimum mentality.

But, this problem for the business world is an opportunity for a certain type of worker – whether they're a business owner, entry-level worker or executive. People who go beyond average and become indispensable to their bosses, companies, clients or customers will truly excel in a time when excellence is at a minimum.

The bare-minimum mentality impacts more than career prospects for low-performing employees. It is taking its toll on the business world as a whole. In fact, one of the biggest topics in HR, management and business is the worker shortage expected with the retirement of the Baby Boomer generation. But in his book How to Be the Employee Your Company Can't Live Without, Glenn Shepard states that there isn't a worker shortage. Rather, there is a shortage of skilled, hard-working, quality employees. And, that's a problem for companies everywhere.

Here's why: the largest investment for most companies is people. In fact, payroll is the top expense at most companies. What many don't realize is that it is up to each individual to produce a return on their company's investment in their job. Thinking of your job in these terms is an excellent way to see the benefit of being a highly-valued employee or a highly-productive business owner. What you do at work each day is not only an investment in your current job, it's one in your career as well. You can choose to do the minimum required, or you can make the investment to work hard, be proactive, excel and do more than what's expected and in turn boost your career and your business.

After all, in an age of fierce competition, a wavering economy, rampant layoffs and technological change, the workplace no longer offers the job security it once did. That's why business owners, managers and employees at all levels must learn to be indispensable. This series, Become Indispensable, will discuss several ways you can become highly valued.

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