Dog-fighting in St. Martin Parish Leading to More Arrests

Saint Martin Parish authorities say recent dog-fighting arrests are leading to new investigations.  A Catahoula man now faces felony dog-fighting charges for allegedly housing the animals on his property.

St. Martin Parish Animal Control Coordinator Sara Glasgow says the parish kennel is full.  She says high profile dog-fighting cases in recent months are prompting more people to report more possible cases.  In the latest case 34-year old Chad Boudreaux is accused of housing and selling fighting dogs at his home on Pete Guidry Rd.

Glasgow says a total of 17 dogs were picked up at the home, 10 adult pit bulls and seven puppies.  Those dogs will be housed at animal control until they're euthanized.  Other evidence from that case includes things like syringes, IVs and equipment authorities say Boudreaux had at the home.  

The evidence also includes official registration papers for most of the adult dogs.  Investigators say some of the documents may prove a connection to the Boudreaux blood line of pit bulls.

State Police raided Floyd Boudreaux's home near Broussard in 2005.  Investigators say dogs from his line carried a strong reputation in dog-fighting circles.  At the time State Police called Boudreuax the “Don of Dog-fighting in Louisiana.”

Glasgow says the case against Chad Boudreaux will be turned over to the district attorney's office.  He currently faces a felony dog-fighting charge and a possession of marijuana charge issued by Saint Martin Parish Sheriff's Office narcotics agents.

Meanwhile, Floyd Boudreaux has been charged with 48 counts of dog-fighting, and two counts of possession of schedule three drugs.  His son, Guy, has been charged as principal to 48 counts of dog-fighting.

After several continuances in the case, a new trial date for both men has been set for January 14th, 2008.

We'll keep you posted on the case.

Mike Steele

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