Abbeville Police Investigate Three School Break-ins

Although the school year just got underway someone in Vermilion Parish has already been busy ripping off some a local school.

In fact at least three pieces of instructional equipment are missing from Eaton Park Elementary.  Now Eaton Park Elementary Principal Paul Hebert only has an empty desk where equipment was after thieves burglarized his school.

Two lap-top computers were taken from a classroom, but the thief or thieves did not stop there.  Just a building over in the school gymnasium, another laptop was stolen, bringing the stolen equipment count to three

Even more devastating, the computer was brand new from a grant given to each school in the parish.

This school burglary is one of three that have occurred since last Thursday.

Abbeville Police detectives are investigating the crimes and do have some leads as it relates to Eaton Park Elementary.

Abbeville police have made an arrest in a school break-in case at Abbeville High School.  The man's name is not being released, but Abbeville Police tell us other arrests are expected.

The thieves tried to steal four-wheelers, but were unable to start the engines.  Instead, they got off with another all-terrain vehicle in another building.

However, police later found the ATV.

A break-in at J.H. Williams Middle School was reported, but no equipment was taken, just damage to the school concession room.

Hubert Tate

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