Jim & Deborah,

I would like to first begin by saying, THANK YOU!  I have always said thank you every time you called me with better and better news, but i never told you this:  everybody has a story, take some time to read mine:  Some one once told me that when you have faith the universe would open up and find people to help you.  Having the experience of working with Prestige Mortgage to purchase a home has enlighten my life in some many ways.  Remembering back to last year when that guy at the car dealership give me Ms. D's card, really has set me up for the rest of my life.  He told me, 'Here take this card, she works for a super mortgage company, they are good', I told him, they may be good but  i have too many things going on right now. 

I decided to give Prestige Mortgage a try after being turned down my another company, ( that worked on my file for one day and called me back the same day and simply said, ' We've pulled your credit, too high of debt to income ratio -there's nothing we can do.) Now mind you, i knew these people though a relationship they had with my mom, i was sure they would work it out for me! I have been a professional for over eight years, make ok money, little credit issue, but, Ha!

Well, I opened my wallet and called Ms. D, and she told me to submit my information and chill out that Jim would work his magic for me. Low and behold, BAMM! I was approved and will be closing in a few days! I have a sweet deal and even sweeter interest rate!! 2000 sf., three bedroom, two bath, brick home with lots of yard and fruit trees! Happy Happy Joy Joy!! By the way Jim, are you related to David Copperfield, because you really can perform magical wonders. 

Jim, you went above and beyond the call of duty for me, you steered me in the right direction to achieve a better credit score, Ms. D you give me optimism, when i had none! When my confidence level was low you guys told me to calm down everything would be ok.  You guys are the best. 

It did not matter who i was or where i can from, we all had a common goal of helping me to achieve the American Dream of buying a home. That's more than professional, that's a blessing! Guys my wish for you all is that your mind, body, and spirit continues to be blessed so that your company will exert even more wealth and tremendous prosperity.   Because of your diligence, i can now call myself a young black divorced mother with something tangible to leave to my daughter! Thanks for the experience of allowing me to work with such people of great integrity and professionalism. In one month i am better at budgeting and financially stable, thanks guys, and i will be back in a few years to finance a couple of rental investments! I have began to spread the word, the flood gates will not be able to hold the business you will be getting. I have forwarded klfy's the perfect home to all my friends that see homeownership in their future.

Be Blessed because you have been one to me!

Shawana M. Prudhomme



Dear Jim,

This is just a short note to thank you for the excellent job you did in obtaining a mortgage for us.  We were really pushed for time and you made it all happen very smoothly with no problems.  We just want to let you know how much we appreciate dealing with a professional.  Good luck to you in the future and we wish you lots of success.

Again, thanks for a terrific job.  I would not hesitate to refer friends your way.


Jim and Sarah Jimenez


Dear Jim:

It is such a pleasure to write this letter thanking you for the service your company has rendered to me and to my daughter-in-law.

We have each brought two investment properties within the past three months, with financing arranged by Prestige Mortgage.  Our requirements included a high loan-to-value ratios and thirty-year fixed-interest loans at reasonable rates. We all know that such loans can involve lender/underwriter requirements, justifications, explanations, etc…

Throughout the process, from applications to loan closings, you worked diligently and expertly to obtain approval of our loans.  When demands seemed impossible, you were professional and steadfast in helping us meet every challenge successfully.  Your knowledge, confidence and optimism helped to prevent us from becoming discouraged.  The end result is two happy clients with great investment properties financed to suit our needs.  We intend to acquire additional properties and to depend on you again for our mortgage needs.

Thank you, Jim, for professional, straightforward service.


Lynda McCann-Simon, Broker.


Dear Prestige Mortgage,

Recently, my husband and I purchased a beautiful home and chose your company to handle our loan. Our experience was great, all information that was shared with us was accurate and our loan was handled in a timely manner. I would like to send a special thank you to Deborah and Jim for going above and beyond for us. I will refer your company to family and friends. Should we need in the future we will use your company again!


Lynette Boudreaux


Dear Jim Battey,

Two years ago, I lost my home and everthing I owned to Hurricane Rita. As you know, this was a very difficult time for me and my family. Jim, you came to me without any reservations whatsoever and helped me and my family pick up the pieces after losing everything that I had worked my whole life for to that horrible storm. You were generous enough to give me and my son a place to live until it was safe for us to go back to Hackberry. From helping to furnish my house to giving me a vehicle to drive when mine would not run anymore in order for me to be able to make my doctors appointments, I truly believe that you have a special place in heaven waiting for you. Good people are hard to come by these days and it gives me great pleasure to say that I am glad that I have gotten to know such a wonderful person like you, who is always looking to do good for others, no matter what situation they are in regardless if it is on a personal level or if it is having to do with helping someone buy a home.

Thank you Jim, for taking such good care of my daughter and my two grandbabies. It is truly a blessing to have you as a part of our family and I look forward to you becoming my son in law next year.

Good Bless You,

Terry Hicks.

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