Fair Labor Standards Act

Fair Labor Standards Act
In 2007, the Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor collected a record $220 million in back wages for over 341,000 employees. This is partially due to attorneys aggressively pursuing companies who are violating overtime and minimum wage requirements. Make sure you protect your company from being a target and subjected to fines and penalties by learning about your obligations regarding payment of wages. These complimentary resources will help you understand how to handle wage and hour issues according to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Contact Express Personnel Services for more information on this issue or for help with any other HR issues you are facing. 

HR Tips – FLSA
The FLSA exempts certain employees from overtime coverage, but they must meet specific criteria. First, employees must be paid on a salary basis of at least $455/week or $23,660/year (some state laws may have a higher minimum) and then meet certain tests regarding their job duties…More Tips

FLSA Case Studies
A well-known insurance company was involved in a class-action lawsuit resulting in $90 million for misclassifying many of its workers as “exempt” employees and not paying them overtime…More Case Studies


Listen to this five-minute podcast on properly classifying employees as exempt or non-exempt, and what deductions can and cannot be made from an exempt employee's salary.

Learn more about common overtime violations with this four-and-a-half minute podcast.

True or False: An exempt employee's pay can be docked if they are two or more hours late for work. Find out the answer and see more…

Contact Express Personnel Services today for more information on the FLSA, human resource services or staffing solutions. You can also subscribe to the HR Hotline to receive direct access to a team of HR professionals ready to answer your HR questions.

Importance of HR Solutions
We know you face a vast array of HR-related challenges and that you may not have the time to keep up with all the changing laws and regulations. This is why the experts at Express Personnel Services offer you new HR-related resources each month. Using tools such as podcasts, case studies and HR tips will help you grow your HR knowledge and protect your company from HR violations. Information on past topics is also available.

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