Maverick and I were just wondering…

 Are you thinking about adopting a Siberian Husky or any other type of sled dog? They're beautiful and fascinating and powerful. They're also challenging, frustrating and a lot of work, especially if their owner isn't committed to do everything it takes to properly train them.  And they shed like crazy.  Seriously, crazy.

  Maverick is probably too embarrassed to tell you this, but when he was a teenager in dog years (about 18 months old) I was busy with work and kids and wasn't doing a good enough job making sure he got enough exercise and companionship and training that he needed at that age, and he let me know he wasn't getting all those things he needed by shredding an entire sofa, all the way down to the wood frame, during a 2-hour period of being home alone.  (It was actually pretty funny, in hindsight, maybe not so much at the time!) 

 Here's a video that does a great job of explaining exactly what it takes to raise a healthy and happy Husky.  If you do decide to make the commitment, know that you will be welcoming your most loyal, loving and hilarious BFF to your family, and your life.  🙂


Blue and Maverick

Watch the video here:

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