How old is your dog? Take the Dog RealAge Test to find out!

  We've all heard it for years.  Your dog ages in multiples of seven human years, meaning, if your dog is three years old, he's actually twenty-one in “dog years.”  Is the old saying true, or is there a lot more to finding out how old our dogs really are, biologically speaking? 

   TV10 viewers told us about an interesting way to measure how healthy your pet is, and how you can help him (or her) live a long and healthy life.  It's called the “DogAge Test” and it was created by the same group that brought us the “RealAge Test.”  You can take the test by logging on to this website,  We took the test and got some surprising results.  The most surprising part?  Finding out how much our human lifestyles (smoking, physical activity, etc.) can affect our furry best friends.

   Find out for yourself.  Log on to and take the “DogAge Test” then tell us about your results.  Send your thoughts to Blue at

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