Hardwood Care & Maintenance

Few things match the beauty of hardwood flooring, and along with simple proper maintenance, your hardwood can retain the sheen, warmth, and durability that make it a classic flooring choice.

Remember to keep grit off the floor. Those fine particles can act like a sandpaper on your hardwood and subtly scratch and dull the finish. Vacuum your hardwood at least once a week and dust-mop or sweep periodically.

Water is the ultimate enemy of a hardwood floor. Always clean spills immediately with a soft cloth and never allow water to puddle on your floor. When cleaning dirt and grit, use a damp cloth and always wipe over with a dry cloth after.

Be mindful of your footwear and furniture. High heels and shoes with deep treads that hold grit and pebbles can create permanent gauges and marks. Furniture, such as chairs and tables, should always have felt or fabric covered casters on their legs to avoid scratches. Never drag furniture across a hardwood floor

Finally, use protective mats, runners, and area rugs in high-traffic locations to avoid excessive wear and catch dirt and grit.

These simple steps will keep your hardwood looking new and beautiful for years to come!

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