HAPPY TAILS :) Chloe and Mona

  A new “Happy Tails” to share with you about a woman named Mona and a dog named Chloe.  Their story shows that sometimes when two souls are just meant to be together, fate intervenes to make it happen, and a lifetime friendship begins.  Here is their story: 

   Hi, Blue,  I just wanted to tell you a quick story about my little Chloe. She is a five year old,  12 pound Hairless Chinese Crested that needed a home. A lady brought her to Acadiana from Texas with the hopes of raising her, but found that she couldn't keep her in her new place. Instead of bringing her to a shelter, through a chain of people, Chloe ended up at my parents' house, and then moved into my house.

   She is so happy! She doesn't bark much, but sings all the time!! She has a spunky personality, and is so lovable. I can't imagine what would have happened to this sweet little girl had she ended up in a shelter.

I have attached a photo of Chloe being silly as usual…enjoy!!



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