Iberia Parish Jail Shake Down

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Iberia Parish Sheriff Louis Ackal says he shook down the jail house Thursday night and confiscated more than a 1000 pieces of contraband.

Ackal, the Warden, and a state team stormed the jail and caught the prisoners by surprise.

During the four hour operation using seven dogs, the officers confiscated more than a thousand pices of contraband including razors, shanks, needles and crack pipes.

But even more alarming Ackal says the prisoners used dried orange peels, bread and sugar to make alcohol.  One prisoner was even found with tattoo equipment and was covered in blood because he'd just tattooed himself.

From now on, Ackal says; “No pens, no razors, there's gonna be real strict guidelines out there. They'll have to adhere to them and I'll conduct surprise inspections”

The rules at the jail will be re-written.

Sarah Forgany  

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