Acadiana Air Fest Plans Announced

            A local group of aviation enthusiasts have joined forces to bring an air show and festival to the Acadiana Regional Airport.   “Our goal is to bring the excitement of an air show and festival to the Acadiana area each year,” said  AirFest spokesperson Alicia Lejeaune.  Lejeaune, along with a local group pilots and aviation enthusiasts, announced plans for the first annual Acadiana AirFest to be held May 16th & 17th at the Acadiana Regional airport in New Iberia.

            Acadiana Regional is ideal for an air show, with a huge runway, and plenty of open spaces for the public to enjoy terrific aerobatic acts,” Lejeaune added.  Proceeds raised from the AirFest will be donated to charities dedicated to assisting veterans and families of fallen soldiers.

            The two day event will include several nationally known air acts, as well as a festival atmosphere with other attractions and events.  The Acadiana AirFest will also include a fly-in, with pilots from all across the United States flying their personal aircraft into Acadiana Regional.  

Scheduled acts include:

  • Chuck Vincent
  • Jimmy Fordham
  • Red Thunder Demo Team
  • Dan Buchanan
  • Corkey Fornof
  • Big Heart Jet Performance Team
  • Otto Helicopter Show
  • Greg Koonts Aerial Comedy Act & Aerial Decathlon
  • The Indy Boys Jet Powered School Bus & Jet Powered Outhouse
  • The Duacti Freestyle Motorcycle Team

             The first day of the show coincides with Armed Forces Day, when America honors and celebrates the members of Armed Forces.  “What will make our air show unique is that we will have ‘up close and personal – in your face' air show, with plenty of interaction between the performers, local pilots, and spectators,” Lejeaune said.    

             We work very hard to make sure the Acadiana AirFest will be a safe, family-friendly event.  We've also made it very affordable for families to attend with special discounts available on tickets purchased in advance online.  Our website,, is a great resource for more information on the attractions, advance ticket purchases, parking information and much more,” Lejeaune said.    


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