Is This Oldest Dog in The World?

A New Iberia resident named Max is getting ready to celebrate his 26th birthday later this summer.

That may not seem newsworthy, but Max is a dog, making him almost 182 in dog years.

Now, Max is laying claim to the Guinness Book of World Records title of “Oldest Dog in the World.”

It was just last week that TV10 introduced you to Chanel, a 21 year old New York Daschund who currently owns the title of world's oldest dog.

Max is a terrier mix who's been part of Janelle Derouen's family just a few weeks after his birth on August 9th, 1983. That makes Max almost 26 years old.

Janelle says Max is in remarkably good shape. He suffers from cataracts, so he wears doggie goggles when's out in the sun, and a touch of arthritis has slowed him down, but not by much.

When Janelle spotted our story on the current record holder, Chanel, she knew she had to let the world know about her incredible canine.

We'll keep you posted on Max's quest for the title of world's oldest dog, but in the meantime, Max isn't letting his sudden celebrity go to his head.

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