Danny Mudd

Affordable Foundation Repair is a hometown company with roots in the heart of southwest Louisiana.  Danny Mudd, husband and father of four children, is the owner of Affordable Foundation located in Abbeville, LA.  Danny is a native of Breaux Bridge. He is a graduate of St. Martinville Senior High and attended UL College. Danny started Affordable Foundation after working many years in the foundation business, as employee and then as supervisor.  He spent several years as a worker for a larger foundation company before moving on to an exterminating company for four years as a salesman where his duties included inspecting the foundation for termites.  He used this opportunity learn more about other foundation problems that can occur and to make suggestions on how to properly fix them.  While working for these companies a great deal of experience and skill were acquired not only in foundation repairs but also in business procedures.

Affordable Foundation Repairs is a member of the Abbeville and Greater Lafayette Chambers of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau.  The premise for Affordable Foundation is keeping costs down while maintaining quality.  Cost is kept down by keeping the business small and simple. The quality is maintained by keeping the standards high. Danny offers free estimates for homeowners. This allows for homeowners who are not sure if they have foundation problems to have peace of mind.  Danny will not suggest work that does not need to be done, and may suggest other alternatives to customers. It is Affordable Foundation's goal that the customer feel satisfied. 

Affordable Foundation Repair specializes in all forms of foundation repair. All employees are fully trained and professional in their duties necessary to get the job done.  Affordable has many types of foundation repairs that can be performed. Would you know if you were home were already greatly unleveled? Some signs to look for are doors sticking, visible cracks on your inside or outside walls, or obvious unleveled foundations. Affordable can treat these problems with lifting or leveling your pier home. If your home is on a slab foundation, Danny can also repair your home. Affordable also has other services including preventative procedures. Root moisture barriers are available to prevent further damage to your home due to tree roots without having to remove your tree.  Adequate ventilation of the underneath of your home can be installed to prevent water damage to seals or joists that can cause foundation problems or worse structural problems. Give Danny a call and let him evaluate your home foundation. It's a free estimate and peace of mind for your home; after all it's one of your largest investments.


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