Mudjacking, also referred to as concrete raising, concrete lifting, and slab jacking, is actually more straightforward than you might think. We can drill a hole in the concrete slab that is causing you trouble, and then inject a mixture of concrete (mixture varies depending on type of job) beneath the slab in order to raise it up. The concrete mixture fills the void beneath the slab that is causing it to sink, then pressurizes and hydraulically lifts the slab up to its original position. The process takes a few hours to complete, and your concrete slab should be ready for regular use again usually same day after the work is finished.

Concrete Mudjacking Saves You Money
Mudjacking is also much cheaper than replacing with newly poured concrete. In fact, mudjacking costs about half as much as putting in a new slab. If you're still not impressed, keep in mind that figure doesn't account for demolition and removal of the old slab, which can be costly in and of itself. It's easy to see why mud jacking has become the concrete repair method of choice when it comes to raising concrete that has settled and sunk into the ground.

Benefits of Mudjacking

  • Safety
  • Cost
  • Aesthetics
  • Personal Benefits

Is Your Concrete a Candidate for Mudjacking?

Just about any poured concrete slab or wall that lies below ground level is fair game for concrete mudjacking. Concrete patios, sidewalks, driveways, and stairs make for the most common mudjacking projects, but concrete mudjacking is also an effective repair method for sinking foundations. Anywhere you've got sunken concrete, concrete mudjacking can fix your problem.

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