Root Barrier

Are Trees Destroying Your Home's Foundation?

Do you see the signs of foundation problems? Are you having problems with uneven floors, doors sticking or cracks inside or outside your home? Your home is your biggest investment, why take chances? Did you know home foundation failure has many causes including drainage problems, moisture fluctuations due to weather conditions, and lack of soil compaction? However, it has been our experience the biggest single cause is differential settlement due to large trees. Large trees like Water Oak and Live Oak have extensive tap root systems that extract large amounts of water from the soil. Crepe Myrtle trees grow very fast in a short amount of time which can cause major damage and require home foundation repair. These trees and many more like them remove disproportionate amounts of moisture from soils under and adjacent to concrete slab foundations. That is, a tree on one side of your house will cause your home foundation to settle faster in the area the tree is located. That side will tend to settle while the other sides of the house do not and then your home foundation can crack. If a tree is very close to your home then the solution is to remove the tree to avoid a home foundation repair job. In some cases this is not an option. In Louisiana, we need our shade trees, but at what cost? 

Affordable Foundation Repair can install a root barricade three to five feet from the exterior walls of your home. The root barricade will prevent tree roots from removing moisture from the soil that is in the immediate vicinity of the home's foundation. Installation of root barricades requires insertion of a 40 mil poly biodegradable material to a depth of approximately 48″ inches. This will prevent tree roots from Growing past the root barricade.

Root barricades can be helpful in preventing further draining of the moisture from the foundation. In most cases the foundation in time will correct 90% of its settlement issues in time.

Let our experts at Affordable Foundation Repair give you an honest free estimate. Call our office today for an appointment.

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