Lafayette PD Facing Budget Cuts

Anywhere from 10% to 50%. That's how much Lafayette's Police Department will have to cut from some areas. All thanks to a much slimmer 2010 budget compared to last years.

Police Chief Jim Craft has concerns over three areas those budget cut will affect; Criminal investigations and crime scene overtime, as well as court appearance costs.

“Some of those things you don't have any control over, court appearance is based on how many subpoenas you get.” says Craft.

The new budget does continue to fund an upgrade program for police cruisers. But, Chief Craft is going to have to get creative working around the new cuts, especially if a major disaster hits Lafayette, again.

“When you cut overtime for special services then you have to adjust schedules.” says Craft.

That ultimately means fewer officers handling the budget depleated sections. Twice in the past year the police department was forced to ask, and were granted additional funds for investigations.

Investigations that may now, have to make due with what they've got.

“You want your expenditures to remain as close to your projections as possible, but there just are some things you don't have control over” says Craft.

All items are expected to be addressed during budget hearings.

Robert Burns

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