Students Appeal School Board

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The Lafayette Parish School Board denied a request by dozens of high school students who showed up for Wednesday's meeting, get their hooded sweatshirts back.

High school students from all over Lafayette Packed the parish's school board meeting all in hopes of gaining enough support to reverse a previous decision to ban hooded sweatshirts from campuses.

The school board's argument is that too many students are not using the sweatshirts for what they're meant for.

Board members claim the pockets are used to hide cell phones and mp3 players while the hoods conceal identities.

With the decision to ban them coming only days before the first day of school, some board members wanted to bring the topic back up after many parents and students expressed their concerns.

Despite the protesting crowd the school board denied the students request for the reversal, but did offer them the opportunity to bring the topic back up next year.

The superintendent says he plans to create a student advisory board, which would consult with various student organizations during future decision making sessions.

Robert Burns

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