Camp Bow Wow A Place for Dogs

A new business has opened its doors in Acadiana, with one special type of customer, the furry, four-footed kind.

It's a unique place called “Camp Bow Wow.”

Camp Bow Wow calls itself the place where a dog, can be a dog. The 11,000 square foot resort for canines is now open for its first furry clients.

Dog owners who don't want to leave their best friend's home alone all day or who have to travel, can take advantage of this doggy day care and overnight camp.

The camp's owner, Suzette Tardo, says the live, online camper cams let owners log on and check in on their pets while they're away.

“They can be in China, anyplace in the world, and get on their Blackberry and their computer, and look in and see that their dog is being loved on by a certified camp counselor, our counselors are certified in pet CPR and first aid, also behavior and play therapy.”

Canine campers play in one of three indoor or outdoor play areas during the day, then at night, snooze in their cabins while being lulled to sleep with classical music.

It's not only pampered pets who are important at Camp Bow Wow.

“We'll be working with some local rescue groups and hopefully the Lafayette Animal Shelter here in town, to take in some of the foster dogs, and make them part of Camp Bow Wow and foster them out, so they can be our camp dogs until we can find a loving home for them” says Tardo.

To find out more about rates, or to fill out a Camp Bow Wow application online, just log on to

To schedule an interview for your prospective camper, call 237-DOGS.

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