Lewd offender scams elderly again

On July 14, 2014, a senior citizen was approached in Walmart by someone pretending to be a family member of his wife. The individual gave specific information that lead the potential victim to believe he was sincere, then proceeded to ask for money to repair his car. Based on this belief the victim gave the suspect $50.00. The victim determined later that afternoon that this individual who approached him was not his wife’s relative, therefore, he contacted OPD.

OPD investigators began an investigation and was able to determine the suspect to be 33 year old Frank LaHaye, of 235 7th Avenue Krotz La. Lahaye was picked up yesterday in Port Barre by PBpd. OPD investigators later interviewed LaHaye and a short time later he confessed to the crime. LaHaye is presently in the OPD jail charged with Thefts of Assets from an Aged Person.

Wanted: Frank LaHaye 7/2210

The man arrested for exposing and fondling himself inside the St Landry Parish Courthouse, is wanted again by police. This time he is wanted for extorting money from a disabled person.

Opelousas Police have issued a warrant for Frank LaHaye, charging him with four felony charges of thefts of assets from a disabled person.

Police say LaHaye has received about $3,000, by lying to a disabled man, convincing him to pay LaHaye the money.

If you know his whereabouts, you’re asked to call Opelousas Police.

TV10 has learned the man arrested twice in St Landry Parish for exposing himself was already on parole.

Frank LaHaye was arrested near the intersection of Market and Vine last week after police say they captured him a second time for exposing himself in public.

Opelousas police say they then learned LaHaye was on parole, as a result of a conviction in Iberia parish.

LaHaye was arrested two weeks earlier for the same crime inside the St Landry Parish Courthouse.

Because LaHaye is now listed as a parole offender that should mean he no longer qualifies for bond and must remain in custody pending a revocation hearing that could result in LaHaye being sent back to jail for his original conviction in Iberia Parish.

Lewd Offender Returns

The man arrested for exposing himself in a St. Landry Parish courthouse a couple of weeks ago is arrested again, for the same crime!

Opelousas Police say Frank LaHaye, was arrested for indecent exposure for inappropriate behavior in a public location for a second time

LaHaye was arrested a couple weeks ago for the same act after being caught on video inside the courthouse. Opelousas police say it’s apparent LaHaye has a serious problem and will see that his issues are addressed.

Court House Masturbator Arrested

Police say a man walked inside the St Landry Parish Courthouse, and waited in the hallway, like dozens of people do every day.  But, it’s what he did while standing there that landed him behind bars.

Opelousas police say Frank LaHaye exposed himself in the public hallway of the St Landry Parish Courthouse, when he then began to perform sexual acts on himself, in full public view.

The surveillance video from inside the courthouse shows the 28 year old man in the hallway.

Officials say the Krotz Springs man is exposed the entire time, using his baggy shirt to cover up when people walk by.

This went on for over an hour, before the secretary realized what the man was up to.

She alerted her supervisor, and the man was arrested.

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