BOOK REVIEW: “The Adopted Dog Bible”


Your One-Stop Resource for Choosing,
Training and Caring for Your Sheltered
or Rescued Dog

About The Adopted Dog Bible

In chapters reviewed by experts in veterinary medicine, nutrition, and training,
you’ll learn:

Rottweiler dog adopted through Petfinder

Viva is one of the millions of
dogs adopted through Petfinder.

  • Where to find your perfect canine companion
  • All about breeds and mixed breeds and how you can adopt any type of dog
  • Smart guidelines for adoption success
  • Realistic expenses of dog care
  • What to expect when you bring your new pup home (and long after)
  • Clicker, target stick, and other re-training methods
  • How to introduce new diets and take the guesswork out of feeding
  • Holistic and conventional medical treatments
  • The impact of travel and changes at home
  • What to do when it’s time to say good-bye

Plus recipes, doggy workouts, heartwarming true stories of adopted dogs and their happy parents, information on saving dogs on a larger scale and more.  The Adopted Dog Bible is available at bookstores across the country.                                                                                                                                 

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