Cats Disappear in Lafayette

There’s a disturbing situation developing in Acadiana that has many pet owners worried.

A number of cats, in communities from New Iberia to Lafayette to Crowley, have simply vanished.

One cat owner writes “we had nine outdoor cats and beginning in August of this year, they started disappearing, the last one went missing two weeks ago.”

Here’s another; “within the last year, I have lost three cats this way. All of them were fixed, well fed and well loved. Something is not right, and I’m keeping my eyes and ears open.”

Some cat owners say they believe their cats were stolen, or poisoned, while others blame coyotes or stray dogs.

But as animal control officers work to find out why this is happening, one family is grateful for a happy ending.

This is Puck, a 15 year old Calico cat that spent most of her life on her front porch in Lafayette’s Riversbend neighborhood. But two weeks ago, Puck was the victim of a vicious attack that almost took her life.

Jeri Rainey: “I went out to walk my dog and saw two dogs, and I thought they were playing, and when I turned I heard my cat screaming, and they picked her up and threw her in the air like a rag doll, she was bleeding from her nose, her mouth, her ears.”

Jeri rushed puck to the emergency clinic, and despite numerous puncture wounds, blood loss, and spinal injuries, she survived, and is now eating and walking on her own.

She is one of many cats throughout Acadiana who have recently been attacked or have simply disappeared, leaving their owners heartbroken and angry.

What’s the solution?

Animal control officers urge cat owners to keep them inside, so they’re protected around the clock.

Troy Venable: “we would prefer then to have their animals inside a residence, I mean, just to keep out of the elements, they don’t become prey for any wild animals that are out there, or dogs.”

Jeri Rainey: “I know a lot of people keep their cats outside, and there’s not a lot you can do keep an eye on them, but at night, if you can put them in a kennel we’re just glad that puck made it and I just hope nobody else has to go through that, she’s one of the few that’s made it.”

Blue Rolfes

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