Jeanerette Bans Fireworks

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If you live in Jeanerette and plan on celebrating the New Year with fireworks, be sure to take your sparklers and bottle rockets elsewhere.  Law enforcement will be strictly enforcing a ban on setting off fireworks within city limits.

For residents in Jeanerette, the only thing popping on new year's eve should be champagne bottles, not fireworks. The city has had a ban on shooting off fireworks, but residents may have been able to get away with it, until now.

Police say they'll be strictly enforcing the ordinance, so if you plan on shooting off fireworks within the city limits, plan on sleeping in jail on New Year's Eve.

Police Chief Larry Jones says he's going to be tough on lawbreakers, but he has the best intentions in mind.

“This year I will give no warnings. There will be zero tolerance. Our main thing for the holidays is to keep everyone safe, especially our children, that is our future.”

The Chief says while there haven't been any major instances yet, and he's doing this to be proactive…and keep families safe.

But others feel he's taking away a timeless tradition.

“It's a shame that the kids can't enjoy it like we used to when we were young by shooting fireworks and all that” says resident Wade Berthelot.

Although others feel the strict enforcement is actually a good idea.

“They're dangerous and a lot of kids are unattended and shoot em off at each other and I just don't believe in fireworks” says resident Jenifer Grisaffe

Police say they'll have extra enforcement out on the streets on New Year's Eve, but will also rely on phone calls from residents if fireworks are being shot off.

Katie Johnson

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