Find out how to become a Wildlife Rehabilitator


   This week, KLFY-TV10 is profiling the work of the compassionate men and women who serve as licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators in Louisiana.  We introduced you to three women, Valerie Jagneaux of St. Martin Parish and Cissi Davey and Becky Delcambre of Iberia Parish, who care for injured and abandoned wildlife in the Acadiana area.  There is an urgent need for more people to volunteer to take part in this critically important work.  If you'd like more information on what to do if you find a wild animal in need of help, or if you're interested in becoming a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, here are some resources to find out more.

VALERIE JAGNEAUX of Possum Hollow Wildlife Center in St. Martin Parish


CISSI DAVEY AND BECKY DELCAMBRE of BLC Wildlife Rehabilitation of New Iberia



  You can also find out more about the wildlife rehab effort in our state by logging on the Louisiana Wildlife Rehabilitators Association website at

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