Activities Director

Adriannne Charles has been employed at Evangeline Oaks Guest House since 2001 and is the Activity Director.

Activities include daily bingo, rosary and exercise.  Other activities include Wii, bouree, movie day, super bingo, manicures and many more.  Family activities are held after regular business hours on weekends to promote family involvement including Valentine King and Queen Dance, Mardi Gras King and Queen Parade, Pretty in Pink Mother's Day Celebration, Father's Breakfast, Spring Fest (Easter) with the Easter Bunny, Summer Festival with family fun jumps and The Zydeco Ray Bank, Octoberfest in the Fall with all the Halloween trimming, Pre Thanksgiving Gumbo, and Christmas Lights display th activity department decorates the facility with all the Christmas trimmings.  We have won the business decorating contest in the City of Carencro for the last 2 years.

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