LGEC offers superior diagnosis and evaluation of pathology specimens to our patients by utilizing the services of GI Pathology, a single-specialty pathology group, staffed entirely by fellowship trained Gastrointestional Pathologists.  The ability of our physicians to get specific, definitive pathology reports eliminates the need for further testing to obtain a diagnosis, reducing cost to our insurance payors and our patients out-of-pocket expense.


Our goal at LGEC is to provide the highest quality sedation for endoscopy to our patients, with their safety and comfort being the top priorities.  All sedation at LGEC is given by Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) under the direction of an Anesthesiologist (an MD with specialty in anesthesia).  Having these specialized professionals in control of the administration and monitoring of sedation allows your gastroenterologist to concentrate all of his attention on your endoscopy procedure and any required therapeutic interventions.


LGEC utilizes marketing opportunities to increase community awareness on such vital topics as the value of screening colonoscopy in the prevention of colon cancer. Our physicians speak at various functions, meetings and conferences on the benefits of colon screening as an essential component of a wellness program


Lafayette General Endoscopy Center (formerly Saints Streets Endoscopy Center) has been providing exceptional care for over 32 years.  Our physicians have the highest level of experience in high definition endoscopy in the state and two of our physicians assist in the training of GI Fellows at Tulane and LSU Medical Schools in New Orleans.  Our staff is specialty trained in GI endoscopy, take pride in our center and make every effort to insure our patient's comfort and confidence during their stay in our facility.  Lafayette General Endoscopy Center delivers “Excellence in Endoscopy”. 


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