WalkAide and the New WalkAide Bi-Flex Cuff

WalkAide is a medical device that improves the walking ability of people suffering from dropfoot. This condition is caused by weakness or paralysis of the muscles involved in lifting the front part of the foot. People with multiple sclerosis (MS), spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, cerebral palsy or have suffered a stroke may experience the effects of this condition. WalkAide uses functional electrical stimulation to restore the typical nerve-to-muscle signals in the leg and foot, effectively lifting the foot at the appropriate time during the gait cycle. The resulting movement is a smoother, safer stepping motion. Users are able to walk faster and for longer distances with less fatigue.

How It Works  

WalkAide is a battery-operated, single-channel electrical stimulator that utilizes a “Tilt Sensor” to control stimulation during normal gait. By applying low level electrical currents directly to a motor nerve in the leg, the WalkAide instructs the muscle to flex the foot at the appropriate time in the gait cycle so the patient can walk more normally.  Contrary to traditional therapies that require hours in hospitals or rehabilitation facilities, the WalkAide is portable and wireless.  About the size of a cell phone, the device is worn around the leg, just below the knee.

The New WalkAide Bi-Flex Cuff

The New WalkAide Bi-Flex Cuff™ is an integral part of the WalkAide® System, the WalkAide Bi-Flex™ Cuff provides a secure fit and optimal electrode positioning for reproducible outcomes. Small, sleek and lighter than competitive designs, the WalkAide Bi-Flex Cuff also features significantly improved aesthetics, ease of use and comfort. <B< P>

Trusted Technology, Improved Performance

An intelligent Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) system, the WalkAide delivers gentle stimulation to the peroneal nerve in the leg prompting dorsiflexion. The new WalkAide Bi-Flex Cuff is designed to maximize the functionality and precision of the patented WalkAide tilt accelerometer. This promotes multidirectional mobility and a natural gait pattern — an essential component of central nervous system retraining and recovery.

  • Consistent Outcomes, Easy to Use and Comfortable to Wear – Self-Contained System does not require the use of remotes, heel sensors or external wires.
  • Single Battery Operation – Operates up to 30 days on one AA battery, with no need for nightly recharges
  • Visual Indicator – Helps accurately align the WalkAide System for consistent positioning
  • Easy-to-Use Latch – Securely holds the cuff to the leg for consistent results
  • Electrode Locators – Helps ensure precise electrode placement every time for optimized stimulation
  • Universal Fit can be used on either the left or right leg and is available in three convenient sizes
  • Unique Dual Durometer Construction – The Rigid side helps secure the cuff with easy one-handed donning and doffing while the soft side conforms to the leg for total electrode contact
  • Washable Liner – For easy care, comfort and hygiene
  • Vented Design – Allows for increased air circulation and better breathability


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