NEWEST ADDITION:  AS OF JUNE, 2010, LGEC IS EQUIPPED WITH THE LATEST IN PATIENT COMFORT FOR COLONOSCOPY!!!  We are exclusively capable of providing our patients with CO2 insufflation during colonoscopy – the WAVE OF THE FUTURE.  Previously, the patient's lower GI tract was inflated with room air to allow the endoscopist to visualize all surfaces of the colon lining.  This room air  contains nitrogen which can case abdominal distension and discomfort for the patient following the procedure. C02 is absorbed by the body 150 times faster than standard room air.  Due to this higher rate of absorption, abdominal distension and pain after the procedure is significantly reduced or eliminated.  This technology has been used for years in laparoscopic surgery for these same benefits.  We are now pleased to provide this new standard of care and comfort to our patients here at Lafayette General Endoscopy Center.


Our new Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system protects your medical record from being lost or destroyed by fire, flood or any other natural disaster. The EMR provides consistency of reporting, availability of records and standardization of all records.  It also allows your physician to view your record from another location (such as the hospital or his residence) if you have a problem.


LGEC is totally furnished with the latest high definition endoscopy equipment.  Undergoing a HD colonoscopy allows your physician to have an increased field of vision and depth perception, which reveals lesions, particularly right-sided flat polyps that could not be identified with standard definition.


When undergoing upper endoscopy under High Definition, your physician has the capability to use “Narrow Band Imaging” which is a feature that gives better definitions to vascular patterns of the mucosa.  This is especially important as it identifies abnormal tissue patterns at the esophagogastric junction when Barrett's esophagus is suspected and allows for targeted biopsies for diagnostic purposes.


Our ERBE electrosurgical generators are the latest generation containing “Smart Technology”.  Each unit has a computer-driven ability to measure each patient's density (evaluating body weight, hydration, tissue resistance) to deliver the exact amount of electrical power to provide the optimum tissue effect for each patient's requirements to accomplish needed therapeutic interventions.


Our endoscopy equipment is reprocessed after procedures by an automated process that exceeds all required standards for safety and infection control.  The technology verifies and records each stage of the disinfection process and downloads all information to hard-drive storage to create a permanent record of what equipment (identified by serial number and patient medical record number) was used on each patient and that each stage of the process was completed without disruption or error.

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