Dog Saves Family

Her name is Sunshine, Sunny for short, and she was rescued last year from the Lafayette Animal Control Shelter by Robin and Kevin Cazelot. Kevin had already lived through a nightmare, surviving critical third degree burns and the loss of his arm after a fiery car accident back in 1986.

Little did he know, he was about to live that same nightmare all over again, on the night of July 12th.

Kevin: “I got in the car to listen to a CD I had made to see if it would play, and I just dozed off, while the car was idling in gear, in park with the ac on, the next thing I know my neighbor is banging on the passenger window, saying the car's on fire.”

Kevin was able to get out of the vehicle, and ran around the back of the house, which by then was fully engulfed in flames. Robin, too, had been able to escape; alerted to the fire by Sunny's barking, but both realized at that moment that Sunny was still inside.

Blue: “what were the firefighters telling you?

Kevin: “That the roof was going to cave in, and they were trying to stop me, but I went anyway.”

Over the protests of firefighters, Kevin plunged back into the burning home, found Sunshine under a bed, and ran outside with her to safety.

Kevin: “I don't want to make it sound like I don't fear anything, it's just that at that moment, it was do or die, and she was going to die, if I didn't do.”

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