Vermilion Parish Drug Bust

It's a victory on the war against illegal drugs three men are now behind bars after an undercover deal in Vermilion Parish.

An undercover operation led to the arrest of three men on drug charges. Authorities in Vermilion Parish also seized several pills, crack cocaine, and drug money.

Vermilion Parish agents tell us, during an undercover buy, bust operation, Felix Small was delivering ecstasy to an undercover agent in the Abbeville area.  After completing the undercover deal, small was arrested and charged with distribution of MDMA and ecstasy.

Investigators say these two men accompanied small during the undercover buy. As a result, they too were arrested. Travis Baudion was charged with principle to distribution on MDMA and Damone Windmon was booked on charges of principle to distribution of MDMA and possession of crack cocaine.

Windmon was also wanted by Harris County Sheriff's office in Texas.

Julie Darce

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