Youngsville #1

It's no secret Acadiana is a great place to live, from the food, to the festivals, to the folks.

A recent study was done to find the best place to live in Louisiana, and the top spot is right here in Acadiana. Youngsville met three criteria to be the number one place to live in Louisiana.

The study was released by Yahoo. Studies were done for all 50 states and listed the top 20. The three criteria used for this study was median household income, adjusted for cost of living, educational attainment, and property crime rates. Those areas considered had to be incorporated areas with a population greater than 2,000.

Youngsville is also regarded as the fastest growing city in the state. Mayor Wilson Viator believes that staying ahead in road projects for the growing population, constant economic development, and great educational options attract people to Youngsville. Ultimately though, the factors are based on residents, and Viator feels that's what makes the difference in his city.

“The makeup of Youngsville is completely different. We have young educated professionals who are highly motivated” says Viator.

Two other cities in Lafayette Parish made the top 15. Lafayette ranked 9th and Broussard 12th. For a look at the complete rankings and criteria you can click here 

Doug MacDiarmid

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