Library Laptops

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Residents in Jeff Davis Parish are taking advantage of a new initiative which allows them to take home a unique item from the library; and if all goes well with this pilot program, the same could go for the rest of the state.

Aside from the usual books, magazines, and newspapers, people can check out from the Jeff Davis Parish Library in Jennings, there's now something a bit more unusual you can take home.  A new pilot program sponsored by the state library now allows patrons to check out laptops.

Library officials believe the new option for people to take the internet home is going to really benefit those who were previously disconnected.  Patrons can check out one of the libraries eight laptops for a maximum of 2 days.

These state of the art laptops are equipped with an internet browser, Wi-Fi capabilities, even a webcam. Officials say they have had nothing but positive results and reviews from the program so far.

Local residents are also supportive of the program. They say allowing a person to take a computer home is really going to level the playing field.

As for any theft concerns, officials are not worried about the computers disappearing.  Each one has a built-in tracking device just in case anyone forgets to bring it back to the library.

Officials will submit their findings to the state at the end of May, and depending on their findings we could see the program spread statewide.

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