Hilcorp Press Release

Press Release


Hilcorp Energy Company has had an incident occur at an Oil and Gas Production Facility near Lafayette, Louisiana.  The incident occurred around 12:30 pm on March 31st.    While information regarding the incident is still being gathered, initial reports indicate that there is one fatality and one person with injuries.  The names of those employees are not yet available pending notification of their family members.  We are deeply saddened by the death and injuries which occurred during this incident and our thoughts and prayers are with our employees and their families.   We at Hilcorp pride ourselves on our operational integrity and the safety of our personnel and deeply regret this unfortunate accident.  The cause of the incident has not been determined pending a full investigation. 

The incident appears to have involved operations being conducted on a gas well.   Hilcorp will continue to work closely with all federal, state, and local agencies involved in the investigation of this unfortunate accident.   




Michael Schoch

Director Environmental/Health/ Safety

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