Festival International Begins

Partygoers are getting ready for the fun, which started Wednesday night.

Eyewitness News Reporter Alissa Reitmeier found out more on what it takes to put on the huge festival.

Downtown Lafayette has been a buzz for days now, as crews worked to transform the area into the festival grounds.

Workers spent the day putting the finishing touches on sound stages, food booths and pretty much everything that will make this year's Festival International a success.

While the festival is jumping off tonight, organizers say they already have their mind on next year.

“It takes everyone in the festival family to plan this. It's a year round process. Next Monday, we'll be starting planning 2012” says Festival Marketing Coordinator Adrian Mullens.

Horace Trahan and the Ossun Express kicked things Wednesday at Scene Malibu.

There's a lot of festival information to navigate so we've made it easy for you just log on the festival website http://www.festivalinternational.com/site.php

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