Carencro House Fire

“It's just breath taking, it's devastating, I just hope they can pick up the pieces.”

This was reaction from the victim's neighbor after getting a frightening wake up knock at her door early this morning in Carencro. According to Alton Trahan with the Lafayette Fire Department, this started out as a domestic abuse case.  

“When we got on the scene there was one woman outside saying she was hit by an object and her home was on fire. We have some kind of domestic situation that occurred over the night and we are investigating.”  Trahan said.

According to officials after the woman's boyfriend struck her with an object he then set fire to her house and fled the scene in his car. That's when police chased him down the street. He crashed his car and was arrested on the scene. Rob Mallia was at the scene and found out that the victim ran from her house over to her neighbors screaming for help. The woman was transported to an area hospital awake and alert. Even though her neighbors are in shock that this happened in their quiet neighborhood they are thankful that her baby was not in the house at the time and everyone is safe.

Rob Mallia

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