Abbeville Shooting

We have new information about a shooting that took place Thursday night in Abbeville.

Officials say 19 year old Quincy Landry shot an unidentified victim Thursday night following a fight in the 1100 block of Green Street.   Authorities say the fight was over money lost while gambling.   The victim was struck once in each arm and twice in the leg.   He was transported to a Lafayette Hospital and is in stable condition.   Landry was on probation for burglary, narcotics, and weapons charges.



Man Arrested for Abbeville Shooting

A man is in custody following a Thursday night shooting in Abbeville.  Nineteen-year old Quincy Landry was brought to police by his family following the incident, which took place in the 1100-block of Green Street.  A witness told police that two men were fighting, when one of them went home and returned to the scene with a gun. The gunman then chased the victim, cornered him, and shot him four times.  The victim was taken to a local hospital to undergo surgery.  Landry is charged with attempted first degree murder and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

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