Fugitive Captured

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It was a routine traffic stop that turned up one of Acadian's most wanted fugitives. Tyson Thibeaux is back behind bars. Lafayette Police were making a routine traffic stop around 1AM Tuesday morning, when the driver failed to use his turn signal at the intersection of Moss and Gloria Switch.

The driver turned out to be a fugitive. One that Lafayette Police and the US Marshals Violent Offender Task Force have been looking for ever since Thibeaux failed to show up for trail.

Thibeaux was supposed appear in court in August for charges stemming from a July home invasion.
He was also wanted for attempted 1st degree murder for a shooting on Hogan Street. But he never showed up for court.

The 32-year old man is no stranger to the law. Authorities say he's been in and out of jail at least 14 times, for everything from drug violations, to second degree kidnapping,  attempted second degree murder, violation of probation and the list goes on and on.

Tyson Thibeaux is now booked in the Lafayette Parish Jail.

Julie Darce



Lafayette Police have captured a fugitive, wanted by the US Marshals Violent Offender Task Force Tyson Thibeaux, was wanted for attempted first degree murder.

He was taken into custody around 1AM Tuesday morning, in Lafayette at the intersection of Moss Street and Gloria Switch Road. He was pulled over in a routine traffic stop, for failure to use a signal. Thibeaux has a violent criminal history, with arrests for home invasion and aggravated kidnapping.

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